Shop Online Safely

Let us be honest. There are a lot of advantages to shopping online. Not only would you be getting the latest in fashion, you can get dollar store products as well. That is why, with the growing number of online shoppers, online scammers are growing by the dozen as well. So, how can you shop without getting scammed? Here are just some tips you can do just that.


The very first thing and the most important, in the list is only shopping at familiar and trusted web sites. It would be best to go directly to the site rather than clicking on a link that would take you there. Make sure to get the spelling right. Scammers use very similar names to lure you in. For example, they would change a letter or the domain like ‘.com’ to ‘.net’ or vice versa. Speaking of which, you would know that the site can secure your credit card if the URL starts with HTTPS://. That means that there is secure sockets layer encryption installed. Next tip is not to give out too much information. A shop would not need your birth date or your social security number. If they ask for it, there is a big possibility that it is a fraud and they are trying to get your info so they could use your account. You may also want to record your purchases, take screenshots for proof of purchase. That is why this next one is also important. Check your credit card or debit card statements regularly.


If you notice something suspicious in your account, you should immediately call someone who can help you trace it, and talk to your bank. There are also some banks who offer credit cards that have fraud protection from online scammers. You may ask your bank if they have such options. Some also offer “single-use” numbers for credit cards. And last but not the least, it is still best to use a safe computer and connection. Always make sure that your computer’s internet security is up to date. Do not use public connections as some swindlers can have access to your information through the same network. Also, use really difficult passwords. Avoid using very common words, not even your name. If you follow the above advices, you can shop for cheap school supplies, clothes, appliances and more online and not worry about being defrauded by scammers. Happy shopping.